iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement

Replacing the display of your iPhone can be a stressful job. But it doesn’t have to be. With our iPhone 7 Plus screen replacement video guide, you can follow a simple step-by-step process to install a new display on your phone. We’ll provide useful images wherever possible to make the process even simpler.

So, let’s get started.

Tools you’ll need for the replacement:

  • P2 screwdriver
  • Y3 screwdriver
  • iHolder
  • Plastic spatula
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Tweezers

Steps for iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement:

  1. Remove the two pentalobe screws located on the left and right of the charging port with a P2 screwdriver.

Removing pentalobe screws iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Using a plastic spatula or a spudger, lift the display slightly at the bottom (below the home button) and slide the spatula along the edges (except the top edge) to carefully pry open the display. Use an iHolder to keep the display in place at an angle so you can easily disconnect the cables in the following steps.

Use iHolder to keep screen in place iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Using a Y3 screwdriver, start removing the screws holding the front camera, LCD, and digitizer in place. You’ll need to unscrew seven Y3 screws in total (four at the bottom and three at the top), all of varying sizes. Hence, be sure to remember the location of each of the screws. A magnetic work mat is recommended if you’re concerned about losing the tiny screws.

Y3 screws bottom iPhone 7 Plus

Y3 screws top iPhone 7 Plus


  1. After removing all the screws, disconnect the cables using a plastic spatula or spudger. Using metal tools can cause shorting, causing permanent damage to the circuits. You can now remove the display assembly from the phone by gently pulling it, removing the black adhesive that protects dust and debris from entering your phone.

Disconnect screen cables iPhone 7 Plus


  1. You can now keep the rest of the phone aside and start removing the front camera assembly and the home button from the display assembly. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the five screws holding the earpiece speaker bracket. Remove the remaining screws to remove the earpiece speaker and the front camera and keep them aside.

remove earpiece and front camera iPhone 7 Plus


  1. The next step is to remove the front camera and sensor assembly by disconnecting the flex cable. You can use isopropyl alcohol to loosen the adhesive holding the cable in place and remove the cable with a tweezer. Lift the front camera and sensor assembly once the cable is free and keep it aside. You can also take some adhesive from the old display assembly and place it at the same spot on the new display assembly to cover the exposed copper pins on the front camera flex cable.

remove front camera & sensor assembly iPhone 7 Plus


remove front camera & sensor assembly iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Now we can move the Touch ID home button. Remove the Y3 screws holding the bracket and then disconnect the cable connector. Gently remove the home button flex cable using alcohol and tweezers again. Be careful not to damage the flex cable or you can lose the Touch ID or the home button functionality.

Remove home button iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Now you can keep the old display assembly aside and start replacing the components you’ve removed onto the new display assembly. Start by installing the home button assembly and the home button bracket and replacing all the Y3 screws onto the new display assembly.

install home button assembly on new display iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Next, replace the front camera, earpiece speaker, and sensor assembly onto the new display assembly. Follow the same steps as before but in reverse order.

front camera & sensor assembly new display iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Now install the new display assembly onto your phone by holding it in space with the iHolder, like before, and carefully pushing the front camera, LCD, and digitizer connectors back into their corresponding locations. Cover the connectors with the pressure shields and tighten them down with the current screws.

replace new display assembly iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Finally, remove the iHolder and align the display correctly with the groove in the phone, similar to installing tongue & groove wood floors. Apply pressure to the phone and close the screen starting from top to bottom. Once it’s closed up properly, you can power on the phone to check if everything is working fine and then install the pentalobe screws.

replace pentalobe screws and power on iPhone 7 Plus


And we’re done! You’ve successfully replaced the display of your iPhone 7 Plus.

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