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There could be many reasons why you’re thinking of performing a Reset on your Nintendo Switch. Either you’re experiencing performance issues like lagging or freezing, or you need to restore your console to its factory settings before selling it or sending it for repairs.

Nintendo Switch has been a popular handheld console among gamers since its release. But with the launch of next-gen consoles, namely PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, and the introduction of Switch Lite, you might be contemplating a ‘switch’.

There are two ways you can go about resetting your Switch. One is what is called a ‘Soft Reset’ which can fix minor performance issues with your console. The other is a ‘Hard Reset’ which should be reserved for situations where you need to restore it to factory settings before selling it or sending it for repairs.

Let’s look at the detailed steps for both kinds of Reset.


How to Soft Reset Nintendo Switch

A soft reset is the least invasive way to get rid of pesky software or performance issues on your console. Simply follow the steps below to perform a soft reset on your Switch:

  1. Press and hold the small power button on top of your Switch for around 15 seconds until it powers off

Using power button to force restart Nintendo Switch


  1. Once it has turned off, turn it on again by pressing the power button
  2. Your console will display the Nintendo logo and turn on in a few seconds

You should now have gotten rid of lagging or freezing issues with this soft reset.


How to Soft Reset Nintendo Switch Without Deleting Your Save Data

If the regular soft reset, which is essentially a forced restart, doesn’t work for you, you can try a slightly more comprehensive reset that erases all data from your console except your precious save files, screenshots, videos, and profile information.

This method is also your only option in case you’re not able to access the system settings for some reason.

  1. Turn off your Nintendo Switch by holding down the power button and selecting the Turn Off option
  2. Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons together till the Maintenance mode
  3. Select Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data and select OK
  4. Your Switch will now reset in some time

How to Factory Reset your Nintendo Switch

Now we come to the option which will restore your console to factory settings, meaning all of your user data including save files, downloaded videos, and your linked Nintendo account.

There are two alternatives to performing a factory reset on your Nintendo switch – from the Settings menu and from the Maintenance Mode.


Factory Reset Using Setting Menu

  1. Select Settings from the Home screen
  2. Scroll down till you see System on the left side and select it
  3. Now select Formatting Options
  4. Choose Initialize Console and then select OK
  5. Wait for some time as the console erases all your data

Factory Reset Using Maintenance Mode

  1. Enter the Maintenance Mode
  2. Select Initialize Console and then select Continue
  3. Wait for some time as the console erases all your data


Now you’re all set. If you intend to sell your console, a factory reset will erase all your personal data so you don’t have to worry about data theft.

And if you simply want to fix minor performance issues, then a soft reset is the way to go.

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