Your iPhone passcode is probably one of the things you use the most in your day-to-day life. But there are some cases when you can forget your passcode. Maybe you changed it recently and didn’t get a chance to memorize it yet (it may happen) or maybe you didn’t use the passcode in a while and forgot it. Whatever the reason, if you’re wondering how to reset the passcode on your iPhone, there are a few methods that can come to your rescue.


Changing Your iPhone Passcode When You Know It

You might be looking to simply change your passcode to a new one. You can follow the steps below to change your existing passcode to a new combination:

  1. Open Settings


  1. Scroll down and select Touch ID and Passcode


  1. Select Change Passcode


  1. Enter your current passcode, followed by the new passcode of your choice

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the situations where you need to regain access to your iPhone after forgetting your passcode.


Reset Your iPhone Passcode Using iTunes

This method requires a Mac or a PC, as you’ll be using iTunes to reset your iPhone. Note that all the methods, including this one, will erase all data on your phone and revert it to a new-like state. You can recover your data to a recent backup if you have one available.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC


  1. Open iTunes and wait for your phone to sync with iTunes


  1. Click Restore and enter your iTunes information if prompted


  1. Select the backup you want to use for the restore process and proceed


  1. iTunes will reset your phone, restart your phone and bring you to the Set up screen


Reset Your iPhone Passcode Using iCloud

You can remotely erase your iPhone using iCloud. This method can be used when you cannot access your iPhone or if you have lost it and are unable to locate it.

  • Log in to iCloud using the account you used to set up Find My iPhone


  • Click Find iPhone


  • Click Erase and accept the warning


  • The process will complete and you can set up your iPhone like a new device and restore your data from a recent backup


Reset Your iPhone Passcode Using Recovery Mode

This method is your best bet if you’ve never synced with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone on your device. This method also requires a computer for completing the reset process.

  1. For iPhone 8 and newer, put your iPhone in Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down, and long-pressing the side button in succession, and holding the side button while plugging your iPhone into your computer.


  1. For iPhone 7, plug the iPhone into your computer while pressing Volume Down and holding it until the recovery screen appears on the display.


  1. For iPhone 6S or older, turn off your iPhone, plug it into your computer, and keep holding the home button until the recovery screen appears on the display.

iPhone recovery screen reset passcode

  1. Next, locate your iPhone in the Finder or in iTunes


  1. Choose Restore and wait for your computer to download the required software and begin the process


  1. After the process is finished, set up your iPhone like a new device.


It’s always a good practice to make regular backups of your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud to prepare for situations like these. You’ll have a fallback and not have to lose all your data while resetting your iPhone.

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