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This can be quite the fix. Accidentally getting one of your game discs stuck in the optical drive slot of your PS4 does happen, as rare as it might be. And if you’ve been scouring the web looking for how to manually eject a PS4 disc that’s stuck, you’re in a similar situation.

This can happen if you try to run your PS3 discs in your PS4 or your drive or console is faced with some unexplained mechanical error. Maybe you haven’t used your console in a long time and the disc you forgot inside it got stuck due to dust and grime. In that case, you can first clean your PS4 – both inside and out – before proceeding to the method below.

There’s a pretty simple way to take your stuck disc out and start enjoying your favorite game again.

It does involve a bit of taking your PS4 apart, hence you’ll need a Philips screwdriver before you begin the process.


Steps to manually eject a stuck PS4 disc


  1. Remove the shiny part of your console cover. You can do this with your bare hands.

Remove PS4 cover

  1. Locate the Philips screw near two sections of closely-packed vents and one single slot somewhat separated from the rest.

PS4 internal screw remove stuck disc

  1. Use the Philips screwdriver to rotate the screw counter-clockwise. You don’t need to apply too much pressure. The disc should come out after a few twists.

rotate screw to remove stuck disc

  1. After taking the disc out, retighten the screw and put the shiny section of the cover back together.


And that’s it. You’ve successfully removed your stick disc from your PS4 and can get back to gaming.


Send it for Repair if the Method Doesn’t Work

If the method above doesn’t work and the disc refuses to budge, you might need to send your console to Sony for repairs.

You can also choose to contact an authorized Sony PS4 repair service like iDeviceRepair to take advantage of home pickup and affordable repair costs.

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