How To Clean IPhone Charging Port

iPhones are becoming, if not already one of our single greatest assets to have. Either you use it as a lifeline to communicate to loved ones if you’re far away or if you’re a business owner and use it every day to communicate with clients and other business associates to complete deals and grow the business. Any way you look at it, iPhones are the most used cell phone in America and today iDevice Repair will be sharing a cool DIY on how to clean your iPhone charging port safely and effectively using the right tools.


Firstly, inspect your charging port visually. If you’re able to see any obstructions then this DIY is for you. However, if you aren’t able to see anything that jumps out right away, don’t worry. There are other ways to test this. If you’re not able to see any visual obstructions then use your lighting charger cable and plug it into the iPhone. Do you hear any clicks, pops, or snaps? This is the first clue in our diagnostics. If you have a brand-new iPhone and you plug it in for the first time you will hear a satisfying snap that comes from the iPhone, this is its way of telling you that it is making a clean connection to the charging cable and is ready for some electrical juice!


If you have either one of the two issues stated above then chances are that your iPhone charging port will need some cleaning. Let’s get started.


 Moving on,

Next, you will need a few things: 91%+ Isopropyl Alcohol, thin tweezers, or forceps. The isopropyl alcohol will help loosen the compacted debris that is lodged in your iPhone charging port, not to worry the alcohol will not damage the iPhone. Unlike water, isopropyl alcohol contains a much higher vapor pressure which allows the evaporation of the chemical to happen very quickly. The thin tweezers or forceps will aid in the removal of the debris. The tweezers will help in plucking or pulling out the ick inside the iPhone’s charging port.

Keep chipping away with this method and you’ll be able to remove some or all of the trapped pocket lint/dirt that is stuck inside your iPhone!




If you still have questions, we understand. Please refer to the video we posted below. The video will give you a better look into how to remove the lint! Warning, the video may be a little satisfying. Hoped you liked our DIY on how to clean iPhone charging port. Good luck repair people!

How to clean any iPhone charging port

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