5 Reasons to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home

Here are the 5 reasons to repair your smartphone in-home. If you took a survey on what the majority of individuals could not live without, the answer would likely be their phone. Smartphones have revolutionized the way people interact with one another daily, making it one of the most imperative technologies of today. Regardless of how careful one may be, accidents happen and there is nothing more irritating than an untimely trip to the repair shop. Time is precious, so do not let it go to waste traveling or waiting in line. Instead, let an experienced smart device technician come to you! Here are a few reasons why putting down the keys and calling an on-site repair tech may benefit you.

#1 Reason to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home:


In-home or onsite means that your specialist comes to you right away. Taking time to find the best-priced device store is difficult, especially if you do not own a vehicle or aren’t accustomed to the area. If you do not have time to wait, the idea of leaving your phone is unsettling, or worse the repairs clash with your tight schedule, prolonging the waiting period further. In-home repair removes the inconvenience of unplanned accidents putting you back at ease. We service many different locations all over Central Florida.

#2 Reason to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home:

Fast Diagnosis

Some repair shops do not have time to thoroughly examine your device right away. We inspect all types of hardware and software, guaranteeing a rapid onsite diagnosis and affordable quote. Once the issue is found, we provide preventative measures/tips to help avoid further mishaps.

#3 Reason to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home:

Quick Professional Fix

At iDevice Repair, we pride ourselves on speedy restoration. Rest assured that our services are held to the highest standards, which includes a thorough breakdown of the issue, same day fixes, and proper evaluation. This ensures our repairs equal top-notch appliance functionality. Depending on damage-severity, we have estimated time frames for customary issues:

  • iPhone & Android Screen Repair: 10-20 minutes
  • Television Repair: 2-5 business days
  • iPad Repair: 1-2 hours

We work with various devices to find solutions beyond common accidents. These are assessed times for general gadget complications. Restoration periods vary case-by-case.

#4 Reason to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home:

Troubleshoot smart device issues face-to-face

Upon diagnosis, most design malfunctions are straight-forward. However, in-home repair solutions benefit both parties should alternate issues arise. Customers feel more secure about troubleshoots they can directly see, preventing store tech scams for unverified problems. For more severe issues our knowledgeable professionals provide step-by-step instruction for same day repairs and methods of prevention. With onsite, you will know what to expect and all your personal data remains unharmed.

#5 Reason to Repair Your Smartphone In-Home:

Repair services for multiple technologies

No matter the issue, we repair countless technologies beyond regular smartphones and tablets including:




Gaming Consoles


If your mission is to quickly repair your malfunctioning device in the Central Florida area, get in touch with an iDevice Repair specialist today! 

We have serviced numerous residential areas and provide free quotes and consultations over the phone. In a hurry? Pop into one of our drop-off locations and await a check-in email. Feel free to call us at 407-308-2760 or book an appointment online for 10% off.

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