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It’s always hard losing your phone. No matter if you misplace it or it gets stolen, the result is the same. A part of your life is gone and you have to start from scratch, for the most part. Fortunately, Apple provides a way to locate your lost iPhone through the Find My tool (formerly called Find My iPhone).

By setting up Find My on your iPhone, you can locate it in case it goes missing. You can also remotely wipe it to prevent someone from accessing your data. Hence, you must always enable this option to prepare for the eventuality of losing your iPhone.

Find My uses your iPhone’s built-in GPS to locate its present location. It can also remotely lock your iPhone or delete all its data. Ensure that Location Services is turned on your phone for Find My to work.


Steps to turn on Find My on Your iPhone

  1. Head over to Settings and tap your profile name
  2. Tap Find My (or Find My iPhone on earlier versions)

Set up Find My iPhone in Settings

  1. Tap Find My iPhone at the top
  2. Toggle Find My iPhone to turn it on
  3. While you’re here, you can also choose to turn on Find My Network to be able to locate your iPhone when it’s offline
  4. Lastly, you can choose to enable Send Last Location to make your iPhone transmit its location to Apple servers in a low-battery state.

Turning on Find My iPhone in Find My Settings


Now that you have Find My enabled on your iPhone, you can later use to locate your lost or stolen iPhone. You will have the option of playing a sound to help you find your phone in case it’s nearby. Or you can make a phone number display on your iPhone’s screen to help people call that number and let you know if they find your phone.

In the worst-case scenario, you can also remotely erase all the data on your iPhone if you think you can’t retrieve it.


Steps to Turn off Find My on Your iPhone

There are situations wherein you need to disable the Find My option on your iPhone. This happens when you’re selling or giving away your phone and want to remove it from your iCloud account. Or you’re sending it for repair and need to turn it off.

  1. Go to Settings and tap your profile name.
  2. Tap Find My
  3. Tap Find My iPhone
  4. Toggle Find My iPhone off

It’s always recommended to enable Find My during the initial set-up of your iPhone, as a precaution. Even if you didn’t do that, you can now follow these steps and enable it for the future.




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