Can PlayStation VR work on PC? Let’s talk about VR first. Virtual Reality headsets for PC might not be as ubiquitous as we’d like them to be but there still are several options to choose from. Be it Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest 2) or HTC Vive Pro 2 or even the HP Reverb G2, PC players do have some level of choice when selecting their favorite VR headset.

But what if you already own a PSVR headset and want to use it on your PC? Or you simply don’t want to blow a hole in your wallet purchasing the $799 HTC Vive Pro 2 and instead, want to experience VR on your PC with a standalone PSVR headset?

Well, you’re in luck as you can certainly make a PSVR headset work on your PC. With the help of a third-party software – Trinus PSVR – you can connect and use your PSVR headset and enjoy both VR and non-VR games on your high-end system.


How to use PSVR on PC?

To connect your PSVR headset to your PC, you need to download and install Trinus PSVR. This is the software that establishes a link between your headset and your PC, allowing both to talk to each other.

Trinus PSVR software


Once you’ve installed Trinus PSVR, you can follow the steps below to connect and use your headset on your PC:


  1. Connect your PSVR processing unit and your PC with an HDMI cable. Plug either end of a USB cable into the processing unit and your PC as well.


  1. Next, plug your PSVR headset into its processing unit and the power cable into the power outlet.


  1. Turn the headset on. Your PC should recognize the headset as a display.


  1. Navigate to Settings > System > Display and select Extend these displays under the Multiple Displays


  1. Now, select 1920 x 1080 under Resolution, as PSVR operates best at 1080p. Click Apply.


  1. You now need to configure Trinus PSVR and Steam PSVR to play your Steam games in VR. Run Trinus PSVR as an administrator to begin the process.


  1. On the Main tab, in the dropdown menu next to PSVR Display, select


  1. In The dropdown menu next to PSVR Mode, select VR. You can select Cinematic if you want to play non-VR games.


  1. Unlike on a PlayStation, there’s no camera to capture movement, so all info comes from internal sensors that can occasionally get the tracking a little wrong. To solve this, click the Assign button next to Reset View to bind a key on your keyboard to reset your view in PSVR.


  1. Make sure the checkbox next to Use Mouse Wheel is checked. You’ll be able to zoom while in-game using your mouse scroll wheel.


  1. Keep your PSVR on a flat surface and click Start to begin calibration.


  1. Right-click the Steam icon in the Start menu or on the Desktop, and click Run as Administrator.


  1. Select the VR icon.


  1. Click Run Room Setup > Standing Only > Next > Calibrate Center > Next and enter your height in inches or cm in the height field. Then, click Calibrate Floor > Next > Done.


  1. If successful, you should see the SteamVR Home pop-up on your display in split view, ready for your PSVR headset. Simply make sure the window is highlighted and hit Windows key + Shift + Right arrow to move the window to the headset.


And you’re done. Your PSVR headset is fully configured to play all your VR and non-VR games on your PC. With PSVR 2, players might even get support for advanced features like interacting with the environment and the freedom of standalone headsets.


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